A Yankee born in Michigan who graduated from Boys Town, Nebraska, came down south to Mississippi to live and deer hunt, was
soon given the nickname of ~ TWO DOGS TALL!
Photo credit: Patrick Kavanagh

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Daugher Karen's Visit

Me with my daughter, Karen and Son, Greg.

Marian wanted to take another picture of Karen before she left to spend the last night with her brother, Greg and family. She wanted to stand in front of his big orange tractor. He had just returned from his hunting camp at Brown's Point on Kings Point Island, north of Vicksburg.

Karen and I.

Karen, with her stepmother, Marian.

My daughter, Karen, lives in Santa Fe, NM and came to Vicksburg this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday to visit us and her brother, Greg and family. We really had a wonderful time talking about old times and just catching up on family back in Santa Fe. Here are a few pictures that were taken of her visit before she left to fly back home this morning.

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