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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visiting My Friend Baby Doll

Several years ago I was attending Warren-Yazoo Mental Health Service - Some Place Special, an elderly day program for approximately five hours, four days a week and enjoyed exercising, playing games, lunch, crafts, etc.  I really enjoyed going there but have not been back in a couple of years.  While there I met the nicest lady and her real name is Lener Mae Taylor, but everyone calls her "Baby Doll".  Baby Doll is 96 years old and still has her mind and would talk for hours about her childhood life.  She lived at Magnolia Manor on Manor Drive.  Recently, she fell and broke her hip in her apartment.  It was a good thing that someone was with her when it happened.  She is now at Heritage House Nursing Home and yesterday, Marian and I paid her a visit.  We enjoyed talking to her and listening to the music of the 30's and 40's while visiting visiting in the cafeteria. Baby Doll and I had a root beer float while Marian enjoyed some vanilla ice cream.  Here are some pictures that Marian took while we were there.  She will be living permanently at the nursing home and still experiencing a lot of pain.  We pray that the Good Lord will heal and watch over my friend Baby Doll!  

Lener Mae Taylor
"Baby Doll"

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