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Photo credit: Patrick Kavanagh

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congratulating Marian

Here I am congratulating Marian on New Year's Day 1990 on harvesting her first 8-point buck. It's a New Year's I will never ever forget. She of course had this deer mounted. Looks like we are toasting with a beer! We were hunting at Brown's Point Hunting Club on Kings Point Island, north of Vicksburg.

It was harvested on New Year's Eve around 5:30 in the evening. I was directly across from her stand when I heard the shot. I quickly got my stuff together and got down out of my stand at Triple XXX and walked across the road, down the path towards her stand, No. 62. As I approach, she was still in the deer stand and she said her legs were shaking like a leaf and I asked, what direction did the deer go? She said, "It's laying down right over there!" I could not believe it! I was so proud of her. I had to go and get our big gray suburban that was parked on another road and try to maneuver it between all the trees to get to the deer. I finally got it backed up and crawled in the back of the truck and on the count of three, she picked up the backend of a 190 lb. buck and threw it in the truck and knocked me down backwards towards the back seats. I could not believe she did that! She was ALL pumped up! What a day and what a hunt!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture. And a happy belated Congratulations to Marian on a nice buck.

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