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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Father's Day

I really had a nice Father's Day. My son and grandson came over for a visit this morning and brought me a new T-shirt that I immediately put on. I was surprise to see them because I thought they had already left for their weeks vacation in Gatlingburg, TN. We really had a nice visit and Marian took this picture of us by the fireplace before they had to leave. Later, we went out to my step-granddaughter's home for a cookout and birthday for my step-grandson, Carl, who is 19 years old today. We really had a good time and everyone had to stay inside because it was very, very hot. When we got in our Sierra GMC truck to come home it read 107 inside and then dropped down to 104 and by the time we hit the highway it was 95 degrees. We had to come home and take a nap because we were zapped. We are also under a heat advisory for Mississippi till Monday. Looks like it will be a long hot summer. We have not had any rain in over two weeks.

Here is a picture Marian took of John Gregory standing in front of his very own car given to him by his Aunt Jackie who lives in Santa Fe, NM. It is a Honda and has approximately 80,000 on it. I believe it is a '97. John is 15 now and will be 16 on Christmas Eve. Pretty nice car for your very first one! He's so lucky to have had one given to him. I hope he will be safe in it and take good care of it. He just got home today from being a councilor at Warner-Tully YMCA Camp south of town. He is an avid hunter, having already harvested a nice 10 pt. on opening morning, on a swim team, plays soccer and on a track team. He's also a scout.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice day. That is what it is all about.

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