A Yankee born in Michigan who graduated from Boys Town, Nebraska, came down south to Mississippi to live and deer hunt, was
soon given the nickname of ~ TWO DOGS TALL!
Photo credit: Patrick Kavanagh

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My 40th Class Reunion

From left to right, Melvin Picraux, unidentified in green T-shirt, in back, Harvey Lawrence, myself, Robert 'Bob' Phillips, Eudell 'Del' Coleman, unidentified in orange T-shirt, Armond Jackson, unidentified and Dean Albert.

Marian and I flew to Omaha, NE, for my 40th Class Reunion at Boys Town in July 2001. I had a great time seeing all my classmates again. Had not seen most of then since I left Boys Town after graduating in the Class of 1961. We had 94 classmates to graduate and it was a very emotional trip for all of us. At the time I graduated, Rt. Rev. Msgr. H. Wegner, was Director. Of course, Rt. Rev. Edward Joseph Flanagan was the Founder. Above are a few of my classmates goofing off and having fun after the banquet.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time. I have to admit I have never gone to any of my reunions.

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