A Yankee born in Michigan who graduated from Boys Town, Nebraska, came down south to Mississippi to live and deer hunt, was
soon given the nickname of ~ TWO DOGS TALL!
Photo credit: Patrick Kavanagh

Monday, July 20, 2009

Skinning Out Marian's 8 pt. Buck!

This was taken back in the early 90's when we were hunting at Brown's Point Hunting Club on King's Point Island, north of Vicksburg. This was Marian's second 8 pt. that she had harvested. I saved the hide on the deer and had it tanned and is on the wall hanging by the deer rack. She shot this one in the neck and dropped it right there. It was chasing two does in some brush. Way to go Marian!

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Anonymous said...

Looking at pictures like that never get old, thanks for sharing.

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