A Yankee born in Michigan who graduated from Boys Town, Nebraska, came down south to Mississippi to live and deer hunt, was
soon given the nickname of ~ TWO DOGS TALL!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deer Harvest!

Marian and I were invited to Rex's famous Christmas Place & Hunting Club in the MS Delta over the weekend.  We got up to the camp around 4:30 Friday evening and Mark and Tony were in the woods hunting.  Rex's Dad and his friend Dorothy showed up and soon Rex came in.  We all sat around and had a good time catching up on hunting news, eating supper and talking some more.  Had some visitors to come by that were wildlife biologists and talked hunting and more hunting.  The next morning Rex took me to the North Cornfield Stand where I had shot my wild boar and did not see anything that morning but that evening he took me back to the same stand but the rain had settled in for the remainder of the day and night.  I shot at a boar about 200 yards and know I missed him.  I then had four bucks (8 pt, 6 pt., 4 pt., and spike) to come out about 100 yards and one monster buck.  This buck was an 8 pt. also but it had tall browtines and big G-2's.  All the tines were equal.  The big buck walked within 50 yards of my stand and I watched him shake the rain off and eat.  I was so excited that I refused to pick up my gun and the reason being was that Rex told me to not shoot a buck because he had already shot out. I had put my binoculars up in my case and got ready to end my hunt and all of a suddened at 5:30 a deer walks out.  I reloaded my gun, checked out the deer and shot.  It limped off into the woods.  I waited awhile and got down to see if I could find my deer.  As Rex, Marian and Tony pulled up I was standing at the place where the deer last stood.  They helped me look for it and then Trent came in with his 4-wheeler.  I had all the help I needed to find my deer in a downpouring rain.  Rex found it and Tony and him pulled it up from the botton of a hill.  They loaded it onto Trent's 4-wheeler and we got back in Rex's truck and headed back to camp.  What a great hunt and I was so excited about my deer and seeing four bucks in the field and the BIG ONE!


Editor said...

looks like this story is going to get bigger and bigger.

native said...

Do sound like a fish story to me !

I am dying to hear the finale though as I love a good story!! ;-)

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