A Yankee born in Michigan who graduated from Boys Town, Nebraska, came down south to Mississippi to live and deer hunt, was
soon given the nickname of ~ TWO DOGS TALL!
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Hog Hunting Trip

Getting ready to head up into the MS Delta to take deer stands and for a hog hunt.

Getting ready to pull out from Greg's to take deer stands up to the famous Christmas Place.

Marian and I enjoying our time at the famous Christmas Place.

Denise and Marian

Denise, Rex and Marian

Marian and I headed up to the famous Christmas Place last Friday for Hog Hunt 2010.  We pulled out of Vicksburg around 2:00 and got there around 4:00.  We also took 2 deer stands up to the camp to be used in hunting.  When we arrived, no one was there so we made us a drink and waited for some of the guys to come out of the woods.  Herchel and his friend Dorothy were riding around in his Bad Boy Buggy.  Rex and Denise came in and was good to see them again and visit.  We made plans to where everyone was going to go and I chosed to go back to the North Cornfield Stand where I killed my first hog back in December.  I did not see anything.  I decided to go back to the same stand for an afternoon hunt, but nothing came out.  Sunday morning, Rex took me to the Sneaky Stand where Marian had seen 8 deer.  I could not get up in the platform stand so I just sat down in front of the stand but felt like a sitting duck.  When Marian hunted the stand she stood beside the tree.  I could not do that.  Also, I got to thinking that Rex had no one to help him take the stands off of the trailer and decided to walk back to the camp.  In doing so, I saw 4 deer running through a thicket.  It was a really nice walk back to the camp and I took my time and enjoyed the moment.  After we got the stands off of the trailer, cleaned up the camp everyone started to head back home. We left around 2:00 after resting and talking to Rex, Denise, Paul, Michael, Erin.  Before we went to the house we dropped off the trailer at Greg's and got home around 4:00.  Everytime we go to the Christmas Place we really enjoy ourselves with the Howell family and their friends.  If everything works out, Denise and Rex may be making a trip to Vicksburg next month to visit us and go to RIVERFEST.  We are really looking forward to seeing them again soon. 

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