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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Hunt Of Deer Season With Son

I was sitting in my easy chair relaxing Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago making my copper trees, which is a hobby of mine, when the phone rang. It was 7:30 and could not believe anymore would call that early and I reached for the phone. It was my son Greg. He sounded tired but he wanted to go to his camp to tie down his stands so the MS River would not carry them away when it flooded. I agreed to go and got my hunting clothes on, that had just been washed, since I thought my hunting season was over with. He arrived 30 minutes later and off we went. We got to the camp north of Vicksburg about 40 minutes later.  We crossed the Yazoo Canal on a ferry boat to get to an island called Kings Point. The camp is located on the island and is called Brown’s Point where Marian and I used to hunt about 15 years ago. After saying hello to the camp members that were there we got ready to go and headed out on our 4-wheelers. It was cloudy, cold and damp and around 35 degrees.

We arrived at stand No. 38 and commenced to take a rope and tie down the climber. We then went to the nearby stand No. 39 and took down Greg’s stand and brought with us. Then we went to stand No. 3 and tied it down and we were through. It was noon and we headed back to camp to eat lunch.

We signed in for stand No. 37 which I got into and Greg went further down the road. The road we traveled is right next to the MS River, already approaching flood stage. I saw 5 bucks and one big 8 point that was a shooter. Greg saw 6 bucks and one that looked like a shooter but was not sure. So he decided not to pull the trigger. We both saw so many does that we could not count them all. Greg was muzzle loading and I was watching and the reason was that I could not shoot a deer as a guest due to a $100.00 guest fee per day. The deer started moving around 2:00 and continued to move heavily till 4:00. The next thing I knew Greg was coming down the road to pick up a chair out of stand No. 38 to take back to his house in Vicksburg to keep the flood waters from destroying it.

We arrived back at the camp and said goodbye to our campmates and loaded up the 4-wheelers onto the trailer and drove almost to the camp gate and water was as high as the wheel hugs. There again 7 deer ran across our path in order, one by one. That was the end of my hunting season for 2009-10.  (Picture taken by Greg's cell phone)

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