A Yankee born in Michigan who graduated from Boys Town, Nebraska, came down south to Mississippi to live and deer hunt, was
soon given the nickname of ~ TWO DOGS TALL!
Photo credit: Patrick Kavanagh

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Selling My Copper Trees & Paintings @ Flea Market

This past Saturday the 29th Annual Old Court House Museum Flea Market was held and Marian and I had a  booth to sell my copper trees and acrylic paintings.  Above is a picture Marian took of me.  

My wife's nephew, Bubba Love, took this picture before it started and it was a very good turnout and made a good profit as well.  Click on the links below to see all the pictures that Marian took at the flea market.

While there my good friend and knife maker, Billy Foster, gave me a really nice knife and is pictured below.  His wife said that he had been thinking about giving it to me and decided to let me have it Saturday at the flea market.  Their booth was about 4 down from us.  I really love my new knife!        

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