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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Place Special - 10th Year Celebration

Jessica Delk, right, program coordinator at Some Place Special, presents Juanita Wyatt, center, a certificate of membership at the center on Manor Drive Friday.  (That is my wife, Marian, on the far left clapping for her.  I go to this program and was away from the table at the time this picture was taken)

This past Friday we had our 10th year celebration at Some Place Special where I attend four days a week.  

Some Place Special is run by Warren-Yazoo Mental Health Services (WYMH) as a recreational outlet for seniors living in the Vicksburg Area.  My wife is on the Advisory Council Board for WYMH where Don Brown is the director.  He said that the programs helps keep the participants active in the community.  

"In a nutshell, it's about socialization," Brown said.  "Most of our folks live at home alone or with family who are not able to be there all day."

Brown said the facility on Manor Drive allows participants to keep up with current events and stay sharp in communication.  

Participants are picked up by a bus Monday through Friday mornings and spend each day working on arts and crafts, learning about nutrition and health and taking field trips throughout the region.  

Elizabeth Naya was the coordinator for Some Place Special for nine years before Jessica Delk took over.

"Over the years, we have implemented a lot of different programs to address their needs and wants," Naya said.  "They will tell us, 'No we don't like this," or 'We really like this."

Naya went on to describe the atmosphere saying that after several months, the participants grow close and rely on each other.  

"It's really a special place," Naya said.  "It's really just a family within a family."

One of the more popular visitors at Some Place Special is Al Gordy's Australian Labradoodle, Smooch, a certified therapeutic dog.  

"The thing about therapeutic dogs is they show a high degree of empathy," Gordy said. "Smooch can immediately pick up on someones emotional needs.  His primary job is making people smile."


My friend Sherry and me at Some Place Special.

I'm acting silly for my wife Marian.

Elizabeth Naya, Past Coordinator for Some Place Special for nine years.

Some Place Special 10th Anniversary Cake.


Oscar petting Smooch while Jessica looks on.

SPS member petting Smooch.

Jessica giving a speech.

Smooch looking at his Master for a command.

Liz waving at us!

Member of SPS.

Participants/Guest from the Yazoo City area of Some Place Special.

Standing up getting my award.

An employee commenting on the program, Some Place Special.

Members and a guest at our table.

Juanita showing off her copper "Christmas" tree that she will be giving her granddaughter for Christmas.
Don Brown, Director of Warren-Yazoo Health Services, addressing the participants and guests.

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